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My personal page with pictures and information on fishing and snowmobiling mainly in SouthCentral Alaska!  
Lots of Pictures so please be patient! Picture highlights of the 2004 fishing season!!
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Okay, let's try something new!  I am trying to update
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2004 Fishing Logs.. updated for July 15-19
2002 Summer Logs!!!!!!!
2001/2002 Winter fishing logs   
2001 Summer Fishing Logs.
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2000 & 2001 Ice fishing Logs.
2000 Spring , Summer, Fall Logs
1999/2000 Ice fishing Logs!
1999 -Spring, Summer, and Fall Fishing Logs & Pictures
1998 & Winter 1999-Fishing Log & Pictures(Aug 3, 1998 to April 24)
1997- Fishing Log & pictures
1996 - Fishing Log & Pictures
1995- Fishing Log & Pictures
Want to know how one guy catches fish in Alaska? Here's a few tips that I have to offer!
General Fishing Tips- Trying to add a few tips everytime I change the page!
Tips on Ice fishing for Rainbows and Dollies
King fishing tips...a draft I started a long time ago.  It's not finished but why not post it!  It's just one guys info!
Catch King Salmon on your Lunch Break in downtown Anchorage?!?!?! It can be done! Here's proof!
My Tentative Weekly Fishing Schedule from May to October!
71 lbs King salmon!
Alaska Snowmachining and Winter Time Photos
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Fishing in Alaska- Fishing Logs & Tips!
Rudy's Tip Sheets!
Summer 2003 logs ..what little I fished...sad....
2002/2003  Winter Fishing Logs     
1998  (Jan 1 to Aug 3) -Fishing Log & Pictures!
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