2004 Fishing Logs

Hey It's about time I get off my butt and updated these pages.  I apologize for not doing it sooner but this job along with
a 2 year old daughter has really cut back not only into my fishing time but also into my web building time.  I'm trying out
this YAhoo site builder and it didn't really like the conversion from the other software I used.  But please be patient I will
figure it out!

But I've promised myself I was going to fish more this year and so far its been a little bit better. So here's my 2004
fishing logsA
July 15-19  Kenai River
Well I finally took 2 days off to do some fishing.  I drive down Wednesday night and somehow Sean convinces me to go
fishing at 11:30pm.  Well good thing because the reds were in force and it was an easy limit.  Sean had a couple of
guests with him and we all eventually ended up catching fish.  One of the guests even managed to land a nice 10 pound
king salmon while flipping for reds.  On Thursday and Friday we head out to do some king fishing and the action was
good.  Over the 2 days my boat lands 7 kings in short stints on the river.  I was also fortunate to meet Mike, his family
and friends who I met over the internet.  A great bunch from Mississippi.  I took a couple of them out on Thursday and
got a relatively easy limit of reds.  Friday was the Killer King day.  In the morning Mike and I hammer 2 nice kings, then
in the evening shift Sean & Aki hammer 2 more nice kings!  On Saturday, my body needed rest, but Martin and his crew
go dipnetting on a day that was extremely slow.  Still they stay out all day and manage a 45 pound king and 88 reds!  
On Saturday there were a lot of dissapointed people but with a strategy and a little hard work, Martin and company
definitely made the most of a slow day.  On Sunday I head back out with Sean, Martin, and Cliff and we manage 2 nice
kings in the 40 pound range.  Very Nice!  The reds have made it all the way to the Russian River for those not wanting
to make the long drive back.   Test indexes appear to be up and down.  We are going to give it another try this coming
weekend.  The reds should last until then.  The peak seems over in the commercial fishery so if you want a few reds,
this weekend may be the last good one.  They raised the limit of reds on the Kasilof to 6 but the fish are so small, I;d
rather deal with 3 Kenai reds.  Pics coming!
June 16  Ship Creek Kings
The Kings are in the Creek in FORCE!  Everyone had a fish on..well
everyone other than me and Vance.  It was pretty frustrating.  Still as
the water dropped to the point of being unfishable, me and the
person next to me hooks up.  Too cool.  Once again perseverance
pays off!  A nice 20 pounder chrome bright for the grill!  Used a
Chrome and blue #6 vibrax

June 13  Seward
Chartered with Cookie Jar Charters and Captain Jerry Macguire.  
Vance, Doug, Dave and I head out a t 7am to Montague ISland.  We
hit three holes halibut fishing and the fishing was nothing short of
spectacular in terms of quantity.  I bet between the 4 us we released
over 60 halibut.  Unfotunately the biggest of the day was 35 pounds.  
We tried to get off the chickens but we just couldn't avoid them.  Well
you can't complain about the action.  

June 11 & 12 Kenai River
Hit the Kenai River with Vance.  Very few boats on the water.  In fact
after 6pm and when the guides left we were the only trailer in Eagle
Rock campground.  Until I saw fish and game go by, I thought maybe
they had closed the river after 6pm.  There was NO ONE on the river.  
Amazing!  We backtrolled Kwikfish without bait and over the two days
Vance hammers a nice 40 pounder and another 25 pounder.  I had
good takedowns but couldn't seem to firmly hook a fish.

June 10  Ship Creek.
Vance comes up from Las Vegas to do some fishing.  The day before
we hit low tide for a few hours but it was dead.  Decided to hang out in
town for one day and give it a try again during the optimal hours right
after high tide.  Vance caught three fish in three casts about 30
minutes into the fishing.  It was pretty amazing. Oh yeah, I landed a
15 pounder about 5 minutes into the fishing as well.  We were tossing
size 6 vibrax spinners in assorted colors.

April ?? Lake Louise
Sad, I can't even remember the day I went.  But Doug and i head out
to Lake Louise to see if we can't catch a couple of lakers.  Bite was
good with Doug and I landing 6 small lakers up to about 3 pounds in
the morning.  In the afternoon the bite died off so we went in search
of a new spot.  I ended up catching a nice 10 pounder for the last fish
of the day.  Most of our fish came on small herring.
July 12 Kenai River Red Update
Well still busy at work but I thought I better pass on an update.  The red count on the Kenai river still remains low at only
a couple of thousand a day headed upriver as of Sunday.  HOWEVER...The Upper Cook Inlet test fishing index has sky
rocketed to 130!  That means the reds are THICK in the inlet.  For my real job, I buy salmon commercially which a
portion of which I fly into Kenai for processing.  Not any more!  All the Kenai plants are Slammed with fish.  It will be any
day now that the reds enter the river.  To keep an eye on the test fishing index, go to
ttp://www.cf.adfg.state.ak.us/region2/finfish/salmon/uci/uciotf04.pdf   This gives you a test fishing index.  Any number
close to 100 means good fishing in 2 to 3 days.  Above 100 and you need to clean your freezer out because the run is
coming in force!  Well at yesterday's 130 minus todays commercial fishing and adding in the fact that the counter is
above the Soldotna bridge, my prediction is by Wednesday the reds should hit the River in force!  Get ready!