Rudy's Favorite Web sites for Fishing Alaska
Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport
Fisheries Division
- The State's page that includes weekely
fishing reports, regulations, emergency orders, and a variety of
useful information if you plan to fish Alaska
Alaska Outdoor Journal - Near real time fishing reports
plus articles to help you catch more fish.  The Webmaster,
Klondike Kid is a veteran of over 40 years of outdoor activity
in SouthCentral Alaska.
Rudy's Fishing Blogs - My new updated fishing page
now in Blog format.  Though it covers several years, I only
started posting in earnest again in 2011 when most of my
fishing was done from a kayak!
Northwest Kayak Anglers - The best kayak fishing site for the Pacific Northwest.  MUST read if you are
thinking about kayak fishing anywhere!
NWS-Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service - In English this is the place to go to see the
river levels and what they are forecasting for individual rivers in Alaska.
NWS - Marine Weather Forecast for Southcentral Alaska