2000 All Zete Alaska Fishing Tournament!
Defending Champion Jim Prendergast returns to Alaska.  
Sweet Pea worried about losing his title brings along
Scottie Bartlett as his only challenger!
The Winner of the 2000 tournament is....SCOTTIE!  With two beautiful chrome Kings one going 40 and the other 45
pounds!  Jimmie not to be outdone put up a nice battle with a 40plus pound king himself and bonus for species points.
I still think I won the tournament with my catch but the guys insisted that my catch didn't qualify since it wasn't a salmon.  
Hmmmm...I still think I did better!  
Jim was the undisputed leader for the sockeye (red) salmon teaching all the locals just how its done up here!
Take a look at these nice fish!
jimscott.jpg (23037 bytes)
(second pic)Scottie and Jimmie with a pair of 40 pound
plus hens taken July 22 backtrolling spin & glo and eggs at
Eagle rock.  Both of Scottie's fish were taken after 10pm
jimp.jpg (25335 bytes)
Jimmie P with a nice 40 plus pounder from the Kenai
River July 22.
scottrtaki.JPG (20573 bytes)
scottnet.jpg (31532 bytes)
Scottie with a nice 45pounder
taken at 10:30pm near Eagle Rock
Backtrolling Spin & Glo and eggs.  
A perfect net job by Rudy! Of
course!  Actually it is the hardest
time of the fight and Scottie
handled everything perfectly.  
That's why I was so amazed that
Scottie and Jim could read the
water and handle the boat to land
two awesome Kings on their own
the very next day!!
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Top Picture: Scottie with a nice 45 pound hen taken on July 21, 2000 backtrolling spin & Glo and eggs at Eagle Rock