Rudy's Fishing Log...
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May 13, 1995 Kasilof River
Fished from 4:00 am to 10:00 am. Really slow. Fished at the confluence between crooked creek and Kasilof River. During the period I
hooked 2 steelhead and 2 King Salmon. Landed only 1 steelhead. Small maybe 5 lbs. Broke off both Kings because I was using 8 lbs.
line. Gear: Lilcorky (char.) and eggs.
May 14, 1995 Kasilof River
Fished from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Really slow. Fished the confluence of crooked creek. Hooked two steelhead, landed one (24 inches).
Used lilcorky (chart.) and eggs. No Kings.
May 20, 1995 Kasilof River
Finally landed the first King of the Year on the Kasilof. Used a yarn fly on a 12 ft. Noodle rod. The King was fairly small but typical of
a Kasilof King (about 20lbs).
May 21, 1995 Kenai River
"Landed" a nice male King on the Kenai River. About 40lbs. Released it because the seasonal limit on the Kenai River is two Kings per
year. Need to save the tags for a trophy over 75lbs!. Used a 9 foot Quantum Rod with a 320gti Penn reel. 30lbs trilene XT and a 3/4
oz magnum chart/chrome hot shot. Pictures as soon as I develop them.
Fishing was good at first light, almost every boat had one fish on. Most of the fish were small, about 25 lbs. The action died off right
away and the rest of the morning was pretty spotty. A few fish being hooked though throughout the morning. A good start for this
early in the season.
May 27-29, 1995 Kasilof River
Fished the Kasilof on Saturday from 4:00 am to noon. Fishing was really slow. I hooked up twice and turned a few more fish, but
ended up landing and releasing one small King of about 15 pounds.
On Sunday and Monday, the action was a little better, but a lot of people on the river as well. Both Kurt and I had numerous strikes and
eventually ended up landing 6 kings in the two days between the two of us.
Here's one we kept (25K). The fishing was slow, but if you
worked hard, you would eventually hook up. Almost all of the fish were relatively small, none bigger than 30lbs. Almost all were in the
20lbs to 25 lbs range.
All of the fish were very bright silver with no hint of being in the river for very long. The roe in the fish was all very immature. The
fish were all in excellent quality. Because they have not been in the river very long, these fish fought extremely hard for their size.
Other streams ion the peninsula reported similar results. Although both the Anchor River and Ninilchik Rivers were "fishable" the action
was relatively slow. The cold weather may have had some effect. The King salmon streams on the Kenai Peninsula will no doubt
improve over the next several weeks. I didn't fish the Kenai due to the relatively muddy waters caused by the rains. As soon as the river
clears up, I will definitely be on the Kenai river again!.
June 3&4, 1995 Kasilof River & Ninilchik River
Sunday was interesting as I headed off to Ninilchik. The bad news was I shattered my 12ft noodle rod on a nice fish. It will be the last
time I use the new spectra lines in the dark.. As the fish ran toward me, some slack developed in my line. The new lines definitely have
problem with tangling at the rod tip...well the rest is history...for my rod. Once again there appeared to be more fish than were being
caught. The fish in the Ninilchik appeared to be smaller as well. All of the fish were still very bright in the Ninilchik. I'll have to try
again...Here's a picture of Ninilchik Harbor at dawn. (15K)
June 10 &11 Kasilof River
The fishing was definitely beginning to pick up on the Kasilof River. I was fortunate enough to land probably 6 or 7 fish over the
Here's one of the fish I got. (25K)The fish were still on the small side although more of the 25 to 30 pound fish were
beginning to show. Dad caught and kept a nice 25-30 lbs hen, his first king of the year for him. Although the fishing wasn't "hot", the
action is starting to pick up. With the action comes the crowd. I avoid them by fishing very early or very late.
June 17 Kasilof River
We had apparently missed an ultra hot bite of small kings that took place on the lower Kenai River on Saturday. Many guides had
limited out (3-4 fish per boat) in under 3 hours but the largest King checked in at Eagle Rock was only 40 lbs or so.
The gods of fishing smiled on us with great weather but unfortunatley the fishing had cooled off from Saturday. 5 hours into the trip
Kurt-san hooked and landed a bright 50 lbs hen. There's apicture of it on Kurts hot list page located right here.The patience and
perserverance pays off and there was much rejoicing! Next trip we are going for a 80 pound plus fish! Only have a few tags left for
Kings in our group. All of us are saving it for the BIG ONE!
June 24 Stream #1
One of my favorite small streams in the area. Had the stream pretty much to myself. Hooked a few reds and kept one for the
table. The fishing wasn't hot but the reds are starting to move in. I am definitely going to look into fishing the main stream on the
lower Kenai. I would tell you which stream I was at but you can't give away all of your fishing secrets.
If you are willing to hike or experiment a little, there are still a few uncrowded waters on the peninsula. To take maximum advantage,
start early or fish late. With the sun up almost 20 hours per day you can fish almost around the clock.
July 1 &2 KENAI River
The word for the weekend was...SLOW!!. Kurt-san and I fish both days for 5 to 6 hours and we saw only 5 or 6 fish landed all day.
After speaking with Fish & Game counters, I was told that on Saturday when we were out, they counted 200 boats and saw only 20
fish. Since each boat averages about 3 rods, you could say it was slow. Unbelievably, Sunday was even slower. Several factors, I
believe contributed to the slow days. Extreme tides, lower water clarity due to rain, in-between first & second run......
I however did not go fish less. After living in Kenai for most of my life, I fished the Moose river area in Sterling for the first time
thanks to Kurt-san. A lot of reds milling in Moose River, none down stream. If you are looking for reds, you may have to go to
Russian River or at least the upper part of the Kenai River next weekend. We hit 4 reds in about two hours. Amazingly enough, we
only snagged one fish ( of course turning it loose) out of the four. For reds, that's a good fair hookup ratio.
July 3 Montana Creek
My first King fishing trip North of Anchorage...EVER! Hard to believe since I have been fishing for Kings in Alaska since the early
70's. I guess it is somewhat excusable since I lived very close to the Kenai & Kasilof River.
Well my first north of Anchorage outing was succesful. Landed a nice hen of about 30lbs about 1 hour before the end of the season.
Earlier I had broken off a similar sized fish. I was using beads and chart. yarn on a 17 lbs leader on a lightweight 10'6" Fenwick. The
fish were fairly dark so I opted to release the fish and save the tag for BIG Kenai Kings.
July 17 - July 21 Kenai River
Well I am finally back from a week long adventure on the Kenai River. Well three of us fished hard all week for Kings and I would have
to say that the trip was successful. Between the three of us, we probably hooked up to more than a dozen nice Kings over the week
long fishing trip. The largest was 65 pounds caught by Bob Shaw.
here's a picture . And one more here ! ) All of the fish were caught
on Spin-n-Glo with eggs. Although flourescent colors are usually the color of choice, the metallic finishes outfished the chartreuse and
flo. red by a wide margin on this trip. Although we didn't catch any monster fish, almost all of the fish we caught were nice and bright
and made for some pretty good smoked salmon. I'd say the average fished we hooked ran at right about 40 pounds. Not bad anywhere
else in the world, but I am still a little bummed about not catching a 80 pound plus fish. I guess I'll have to wait till next year!
Here are a few more of the fish we caught on the Kenai River during this trip.
Susan's 40 pounder.
Susan with two Red (sockeye) Salmon
Me with a near 40 pounder
We also got in some fishing at some other streams on the Peninsula. Here are a few pictures from a few trips to a small stream.
Bob and I with a few Silvers
Susan with a mixed bag of Silvers and Reds Bob with a few silvers
July 29 Stream #2
Another one of my small stream favorites. THE SILVERS ARE IN!! Had the most incredible one hour of fishing I have ver had in my
20 years of fishing in Alaska. 15 casts, 15 fish. The tally was 12 Silvers and 3 trout! Even by Alaska standards, that has to be
considered good. In the next hour, I only caught 4 fish...god I'm spoiled living here in Alaska!
August 5 Kenai River
ONLY IN ALASKA.!!! Sitting on the famous but crowded Kenai River, my grandmother, father and I were silver fishing. We were
anchored about 10 feet from shore at the hole we cal the "pillars". I turned around to look upstream and saw what I thought were two
black bears playing the water. That's pretty unusual in such a popular fishing area. Unfortunately, my mistake! They were not two
black bears but two brown bear cubs!!! CUBS=MAMA BEAR NEARBY! Sure enough, as the two cubs began drifting down a bit with
the current, the mother realizing how close her cubs were to us, decided to charge. Snorting and growling, all I saw was a blur of
brown come flying through the forest. As I screamed to my father to start the engine, I managed to lift a 20 pound anchor out of the
water with one heave! The engine firing up must of scared the mother since after I got my wits together to look up, the bears had
vanished. The mother had to have been within 20 feet of our boat and had it not been for our faithful Evinrude firing up on the first
pull, she would have been on top of us in a matter of seconds. It is hard to say if the charge was a bluff or not. Thank God we didn't
stick around to find out.

The fishing was slow and after that incident my grandmother had enough excitement and we decided to call it quits. I hope the one
picture I took of the cubs turns out. After the incident, I found my disposable camera in a pool of water in the boat. It could have been
worse...a lot worse!
Another excellent day on this small clear water stream. Although it took awhile to find the fish, as soon as I did, it was a fish every
fifth cast or so. Not huge silvers, but one may have pushed 12 pounds. The fish are still bright and full of energy. Lots of fun on light
tackle. I have landed several fish in excess of 8 pounds on 4 pound line already this year. All of the fish were taken with roe on a 1/0
gamakatsu hook. I hate to see folks who bring their King gear down to fish the smaller salmon. They are great eating, but have some
fun while your fishing too!
August 13 Stream #1
Another great day of silver fishing. In two day over a 4 hour stretch, my father an I must have hooked over 40 fish..all on the road
system stream on the Kenai Peninsula. In those two days we saw maybe a total of 10 other folks fishing. Although the most popular
streams such as the Kenai can get crowded, with a little work and a good alarm clock, you can have many of the other smaller
streams almost to yourselves.
There is one negative about the smaller streams. We eat a lot of salmon and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a correlation
between the size of the stream and the "tastiness" and "firmness" of a fish. The most dramatic example is the Yukon River Kings that
travel thousands of mile to their spawning grounds. These fish are almost too oily for western palates but loved by the Japanese for
their high oil content. The Kenai River Kings and second run Silvers are much better fish than the kings from the HOMER enhancement
lagoon or the silvers from the smaller streams.
August 19 & 20 Kenai River
Ever hear of Murphy's Law? The river has been slow for the past several days by all accounts. it was definitley slow for us when we
went. Four lines in the water for a total of 8 hours per rod and we caught only 3 fish total! Even the best of us strike out now and
The bummer was the one of the fish we did catch pulled down our hand scales at 16 pounds plus! Of course mom, who caught the
fish, did not have a Silver Salmon Derby ticket. Oh well, she's afraid to look in the paper. May have been worth upto $5,000!!! Pictures
of this nice fish as soon as we develop the film.
September 17, Kenai River
WOW back from taking a few weeks off from fishing. Had my wisdom teeth yanked, and then was out of town. Well, the fishing has
slowed considerably. I took my mom and grandmother out fishing on the Kenai river. Fished four hours and only had one strike.
Fortunately for me, it was a bright 15 pound buck. The second run of silvers in the Kenai is always a little slow. But nice big fish like
this are the rule as opposed to the exception in the late season.Tried a new rigging that seemed to at least work for this fish. Instead of
using a small bright spin-n-glo floater as an attractor, I placed a large black spin-n-glo without the wings about 6 inches up from my
bait, roe. the idea was to float the bait, but be more subtle. The technique appears to be catching on with a few succesful fishermen on
the river. I will experiment further with this. Seems like a clear casting bobber may work better for something like this. hmmmmmm.
Fished Saturday on the Kasilof River. The fishing was slow. However, as soon as it got dark. I must have seen 50 fish go right by my
leg on their way up crooked creek. The number of salmon appeared to be fairly good, but they were not biting. Almost all of the fish I
saw during Saturday were snagged or "lined" (evidenced by the hook on the outside of the mouth). The fish continue to run small, no
more than 25 lbs. I did see a few fish pushing 35 pounds this week. All of the fish were still very bright chrome colored fish. All I
could manage was pair of 15 lbs fish that I released. The largest fish I had in my hands on Saturday was a fish that swam right up onto
shore by my feet after breaking off of someone's line. A beautiful 25lbs fish.
Here's a 13K JPEG. I thought about tagging it but
eventually I released it. Better to earn your own fish!
For mid June the fishing on the Kasilof was as slow as I have seen it in the past several years. However, with a little luck and patience,
my father and I managed to hook a few kings managing to land only two fish of about 20 lbs a piece. I also had a red salmon (sockeye)
hit my yarn fly. Kurt-san patiently fished on and ultimately hooked and landed a nice Kasilof king that could have pushed 40lbs.
June 18 Kenai River
When the action for Kings slowed down, we had no problem hitting a bunch of Red salmon. These sockeyes averaged about 7
pounds and fought extremely hard in the strong current. We were actually breaking them off of our King gear in some cases. Of
course its a completely different game when you fish from the shore.
August 12 Stream #2