Catch Kings on your Lunch Break????
If you live in Alaska...YOU BET!
At the time of these pictures, Tim and I worked about 10 minutes away from Ship Creek in Downtown Anchorage (population
270,000+) on the fourteenth floor of the Bank of America Center. Unfortunately the day we went was our casual Friday, but this
year we are going to do this with a suit and tie! We took an hour and fifteen minute lunch on June 27, 1997. See the log for more
details. Tim was casting a pixie and I was using a spin-n-glo and roe rig.

Wouldn't you know it! 45 minutes into the fishing, a beautiful 20 pound hen grabbed my roe and the fight was on! Next time
remind me to wear a dark suit instead of nice white pants when I fish in the mud!!

The best time to fish is when the tide has peaked and started to come down. Then you can fish on high ground in your nice shoes
without fighting the mud. As the current picks back up after the tide peaks, get ready, the next hour is the best time to be there.
As you can see from the picture that despite the fishery being in downtown Anchorage within easy walking distance from the
major hotels in the middle of the day during the work week, there is hardly anyone fishing at all!!!! We had the entire pool almost
to ourselves.. I think there was only one other person!
You gotta love this place!
Here's Tim-san enjoying his lunch break on Ship Creek. The tide has just started to go down.
The battles continues....
Here's proof that you can land a nice king on your lunch break in downtown
Anchorage! The results: a bright 20 pound hen.
We released the fish since my office's refrigerator was too small! Once you take the fish completely out of the water you have to
keep it! Keep a part of the fish in the water if you want to take a picture!  Don't worry, I wasn't touching the gills of the fish.
The picture doesn't do the fish justice. It was a beautiful chrome hen.
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