Snowmachining and Other Winter Pictures
It's kind of hard for most folks to imagine camping in the winter time...especially in Alaska!. It's actually not bad, in fact, I would
have to say it is more fun than camping in the summer time. No mosquitoes, clean white snow, and you can go anywhere! We
have camped in weather as cold as -40 degrees farenheit (just happens to be -40 deg. celsius) with no problems. Of course we
use electric blankets, wood stove, and proper winter attire, but cold has never been too much a problem. I would invite anyone to
give it a try.
Note: the images that appear slightly out of focus are still images captured off of video.
Larger JPEG pictures are available by clicking the photo!
RT on susitna river
Martin Catching
Martin on th Susitna River
gang in
front of susitna
with Mckinley
from Sleeping Lady
Arctic Cats on
Mt. Susitna
Connie on
top of Mt. Susitna
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